Sooty Box Volunteers in Birmingham
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Sooty Box Volunteers

Well done to Matt Doran and Jason Warren who braved the cold and snow last week to do their lend a hand by placing 21 RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind) Sooty collection boxes around shops, café’s, pubs, barbers and tattoo parlours of Birmingham at the weekend.

Each box collects £30 so that’s £600 for the RNIB from CEMEX placed boxes.

It’s Sooty’s 70th birthday this year and the RNIB’s 150th Anniversary, they are running a special ‘Find a home for Sooty’ campaign to celebrate! Why not sign up to be a sooty volunteer too? Go to:

Area Fundraising Manager for RNIB Jenni Young had this to say, "What an amazing job! So impressed you went out in that weather and managed to get a whole box of Sooty’s homed. Thank you so much for this."

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