Admixture Solutions

Self-Compacting Superplasticising

These are specifically designed high quality liquid admixtures used to produce self-compacting concrete with high consistence values. They are particularly useful in the areas of precast operations, flooring and when pouring into intricate or heavily congested areas of reinforcement.


Incorporating self-compacting superplasticising admixtures can be of benefit in:

  • Precast concrete where high early age strengths are required
  • Precast concrete where early striking / stressing operations are required
  • Large area flooring
  • Quick efficient pouring of foundations.


  • High early age strengths can be achieved at very high consistence
  • Produces cohesive low bleed concretes
  • High quality finishes
  • Faster placing with reduced labour and equipment costs
  • Reduction in striking times
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