Saxmundham talk turtle doves
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Saxmundham talk turtle doves

15 June 2017

Our team at the Saxmundham plant were contacted by the RSPB to discuss how we can help promote nesting habitat for the endangered Turtle Dove. 

They visited the plant last week and feel CEMEX can continue growing the undergrowth and shrubbery on site which attracts the Turtle Doves to nest.

East Anglia has been a strong nesting area in the past hence the concentration and focus in the area by the RSPB.  Matt Yaxley, cluster manager, Gary Coleman, ops supervisor, Ray Mayhew, Saxmundham plant manager and John Stokes Regional Maintenance Manager, joined the RSPB for a plant visit and evening walk at Maple Farm aimed at increasing awareness on how farmers can help the Turtle Doves too.

The RSPB will be writing a report including recommendations on how we can help.

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