Rugby Deep Fill Leveller
Rugby Deep Fill Leveller

Rugby Deep Fill Levelling Compound

CEMEX Rugby Deep Fill Leveller is a rapid setting and hardening, high strength, single part, cementitious smoothing underlayment incorporating recycled raw materials. It can be mixed up and applied as single units and is especially suited to larger projects where it is ideal for pumping applications and can be applied up to depths of 50mm. Rugby Deep Fill Leveller is suitable for use in industrial, commercial and domestic flooring installations.


Rugby Deep Fill Leveller is a product that can be trowel or pump applied prior to applications of smoothing underlayments when a finished decorative floor covering is being installed. In some applications Rugby Deep Fill Leveller can be used as the finished floor prior to application of high build resin coating. It is a protein free formulation so can be used in biologically sensitive areas and can be applied to most cementitious subfloors including those incorporating fully commissioned warm water underfloor heating systems. It may also be used over fully cured and dry calcium sulphate screeds. Rugby Deep Fill Leveller should be applied at a minimum application thickness of 5mm and can be applied up to a maximum of 50mm. 

Rugby Deep Fill Leveller has a moisture tolerant formulation and can be applied to cementitious subfloors where there is an absence of a base DPM provided there is no risk of hydrostatic pressure from the subground. If systems incorporating Rugby Deep Fill Leveller are to receive resin coatings or floor coverings then the product must be protected from rising moisture including residual construction moisture by the application of a suitable primer membrane to the subfloor (see relevant technical datasheet). Any surface laitance, adhesive residue, paints, existing smoothing underlayments and any other materials that will hinder Rugby Deep Fill Leveller’s bond with the subfloor should be mechanically removed. The subfloor should be clean, dry and sound and have a minimum compressive strength of 30N/mm². The area should also be dust free prior to any primer application. 

Subfloors should always be primed prior to applications of Rugby Deep Fill Leveller. This will enhance the application characteristics and improve the adhesion between Rugby Deep Fill Leveller and the substrate. Please refer to Rugby Deep Fill Leveller’s datasheet for subfloor preparation of various substrate types

Rugby Deep Fill Leveller should not be applied on projects unless it can be guaranteed that subfloor and air temperatures do not drop below 6°C during application and throughout curing (nominally 7 days minimum). The use of radiant heaters is recommended to attain ideal application temperatures. Do not use fuel burning space heaters. Light ventilation is recommended, particularly in enclosed areas. Avoid strong draughts as this can cause localised rapid drying and may result in surface crazing. Rugby Deep Fill Leveller can be applied both by hand mixing of individual units or by continuous pumping. Do not use warm water as this will reduce the products working time and may result in shrinkage.

    30-40 MINS


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