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Lade Pits Quarry Restoration

CEMEX has fully restored Lade Pits Quarry back to nature, making it safe for public amenity use and as a nature reserve.  Handed on to RSPB - for general public to enjoy wildlife  View

Building a better Future

There's more to us than meets the eye.  View

Lend-A-Hand Scheme

CEMEX UK runs a Lend-A-Hand scheme whereby every UK employee volunteers on a community project.  View

Building Better into Everything We Do

At CEMEX we believe in building, and building a better future for everyone. A future we can be proud to leave our children, and our grand children.  View

Cementitious Solutions

Learn about how our CEM-Pave products can provide durable, cost effective and sustainable solutions for road building and infrastructure projects.  View


Learn about our history, how our operations make an impact on the world today and the direction we are taking for the future.  View

Sustainable Future

Learn about our sustainability model and the many activities we are implementing to help build a sustainable future, today.  View

Building the Future
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