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Ready-To-Use Mortar

From a small domestic extension to a major multi-storey development, CEMEX ready-to-use mortar is ideally suited to every application. With a proven track record of delivering consistently high quality factory produced mortar and excellent support, CEMEX ready-to-use is the flexible option.

Ordering couldn't be simpler through our dedicated sales support teams. And even though our ready-to-use mortar is guaranteed to last two working days, as little as one cubic metre can be ordered with only 24 hours notice. Ready-to-use mortar can be delivered to site, avoiding interruption to work schedules, either ready to discharge into site containers or disposable containers for smaller applications.

As ready-to-use mortar requires no further mixing and has excellent workability, it is highly efficient. Our skilled specialists understand how to maximise material usage and minimise waste and will support you with advice on retardation, ordering and delivery schedules.

With a dedicated logistics team fully trained to understand the needs of our mortar customers, we are experienced in delivering to all site situations, including built-up inner-city areas.

 Mortar Designation Nominal Proportions by Volume
BS 5628 Cement:Sand Cement:Lime:Sand
 i 1:3  1:¼:3
 ii 1:3-4 1:½:4-4½
 iii  1:5-6 1:1:5-6
 iv  1:7-8  1:2:8-9

Precision manufacture

Ready-to-use is manufactured from precisely weight-batched materials,under carefully monitored conditions to ensure optimum quality. Both the finished product and all component materials comply with relevant British and European Standards.

Colourful solutions

Ready-to-use can be manufactured in a wide selection of colours to match design requirements. Accurate pigment addition ensures consistent colour throughout the mix, and we only use pigments that conform to the relevant standards.

Durability and resistance

The tightly controlled manufacture of Ready-to-use results in an extremely durable product. The range also demonstrated superior resistance to penetration by rain water, which can greatly prolong the life of your masonry construction as well as reducing heat losses and increasing comfort levels

Versatile usage

Ready-to-use is compatible for use with all normal building materials, and will not cause or increase the corrosion of embedded metals. Ideal in brick and block laying, Ready-to-use is suitable for application both above and below the damp proof course.

Flexible delivery

Ready-to-use is delivered to site for discharge into site containers, or into disposable containers on smaller projects. Flexible for jobs of all sizes, Ready-to-use can be delivered to suit the requirements of the project,and avoid interruption to work schedules.

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