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ReadyTherm® provides both the total floor insulation and a formwork on which to lay the structural screed.

ReadyTherm® flooring system combines the ReadyFloor® T beam and high-strength EPS panels. These panels are manufactured by an industry leader and independently certified. Increased insulation

The ReadyTherm® Platinum EPS panel incorporates a graphite component called Neopor® to provide significantly improved thermal insulation performance, for example, to achieve higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes or just to improve SAP ratings.

The insulation used to produce ReadyTherm® insulation   panels has a thermal resistance up to five times greater than lightweight thermal blocks, eliminating the need for additional insulation. The shape of the panels has been carefully developed to minimise thermal bridging at the T Beams; when installed, ReadyTherm® panels form an unbroken layer of insulation below the beams.

CEMEX floors provide a complete design service with all the necessary structural calculations and drawings to submit for building control.





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