Readystair Precast Stairs and Landings

CEMEX offer precast concrete stairs and landings to suit most combinations of floor layouts & designs. Our units include standard stair flights and bespoke incorporating curves and bull-nosed if required.

The Benefits of Readystair

Installation is rapid providing instant access between floor levels*.

Fire Resistance
Stairs and Landings will provide a ONE-hour a fire resistance.

Precast concrete is unaffected by climatic conditions and is suitable for external and internal use.

Balustrade fixings can be provided in the form of pockets, however we would generally recommend that fixing for the balustrade be drilled on site. Stairs and Landings are manufactured in moulds which produce Type A finishes as described in clause of BS8110 part 1 1997.

We do recommend that finishes are applied to the units after installation. The dimensional requirements for all staircases are set out in the Building Regulations Approved Document K.

The requirements for the three categories of stair considered in the Building Regulations Approved Document K and that for disabled people in Approved Document M are as follows:

 Minimum (mm)
 Maximum (mm)

Minimum (mm)

 Maximum (mm)
 Private stair 1,2 150220 220 300
 Utility stair 1,2 150 190 250 400
 General access stair 3 150 170 250 400


[1] The maximum pitch for a private stair is 42°.
[2] For dwellings, for external tapered steps and stairs that are part of the building the going of each step should be a minimum of 280mm.
[3] For school buildings, the preferred going is 280mm and rise is 150mm

 *Instant access is possiblefollowing installation of suitable edge protection.

**The normal relationship between the dimensions of the rise and going is: twice the rise plus the going (2R+G) equals between 550mm and 700mm.

For existing buildings the dimensional requirements in the table should be followed, unless due to dimensional constraints it is not possible. Any alternative proposal should be agreed with the relevant building control body and included in an access strategy (refer to Approved Document M)

Typical Stair Configurations
Building the Future
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