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The Readyscreed® Range

CEMEX Readymix provides a range of traditional ready to use screeding materials to meet individual and specific requirements.

These screeds are retarded for a specific time, generally 12 hours and thus remain usable for one working day. Materials supplied in this way provide significant productivity benefits on site in addition to enhanced product quality. The Readyscreed® range is suitable for all conventional screed applications, including monolithic, bonded and unbonded construction, and as a floating screed.

  Readyscreed® Original - A high quality, retarded screeding mortar, CE marked and complying to the requirements of BS EN 13813. It displays distinct advantages over site mixed screeds in terms of accurate mix proportions, consistent properties, shorter drying times and higher strength.

 Readyscreed® Early Strength - A high quality, retarded screeding mortar displaying all the properties of Readyscreed® Original. Additionally it has enhanced early strength and will dry in approximately half of the time taken by conventional floor screeds. Ready to use, it offers many advantages over site mixed screeds with respect to its shorter drying times, higher strength and excellent workability.

  Readyscreed® Reinforced - A high quality, retarded screeding mortar, which contains a measured amount of polypropylene fibres. As a substitute to light mesh the use of fibres in screed ensures the reinforcement is in the correct position and correctly distributed. Additionally mesh does not have to be bought or stored and the difficulties in ensuring the mesh is at the right depth are eliminated. Readyscreed® Reinforced demonstrates excellent strength characteristics when tested in accordance with BS EN 13892.

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