ReadyRoad 60 & ReadyDrive 50

Get a premium driveway for less than you might think

A simple and stylish paving block, ReadyRoad 60 and ReadyDrive 50 are ideal for the budget conscious families and couples alike. With its sleek smooth finish and an array of colours to choose from you can create your conventional driveway.

And to add your own personal twist that will really show off your new driveway, finish off your project with edging in a contrasting colour.

Choice of ReadyRoad 60 & ReadyDrive 50 colours

NB: Colour variations may occur. We advise you view actual product samples before choosing your paving.

Sizes Available

ReadyRoad 60 is only available in 60mm thickness.



ReadyDrive 50 is only available in 50mm thickness


NOTE: Some colours are made to order, please check availability.
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    CE MARKED (2013)



Rest Assured we have...

Efflorescence or ‘lime bloom’ is a naturally occurring phenomenon, which can sometimes occur in concrete products due to the use of naturally sourced raw materials. The phenomenon may have the appearance of a milky white bloom on the surface of the product and an apparent loss of intensity of colour may occur. Efflorescence disappears with time and is in no way detrimental to the strength, durability or performance of ReadyPaveTM products. CEMEX cannot be held responsible for the phenomenon of efflorescence.


Differential Drying
Darker patches may be present on the surface of the block due to differential drying and will disappear over time. This is a result of the paver surface being cured at different rates and is no way detrimental to the strength, durability or performance of ReadyPaveTM products. CEMEX can not be held responsible for the phenomenon.

All ReadyPaveTM products.

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