Sustainable Paving Solutions

With increasing problems such as changing climate, overloading of sewers and river flooding, our new ReadyFlow™ 80, Barbican ReadyFlow™ 60, Chelsea ReadyFlow™ 60 or the established Ready-EcoFlow permeable paving provides an attractive, effective and economical alternative to traditional hard landscaping when used in conjunction with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)

ReadyFlowTM 80 in Burnt Ember

ReadyFlow 80

ReadyFlowTM is the latest innovation from CEMEX providing a high performance and versatile permeable concrete block pavement at 80mm depth. Compatible with kerb-setts it provides a drainage capacity in excess of 2.4 l/m2/sec and is suitable for commercial traffic pavements, pedestrianised areas and car parks.
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Barbican ReadyFlowTM 60

Barbican ReadyFlow 60

Barbican ReadyFlow 60 is a smooth contemporary permeable concrete block designed in response to the change in environmental conditions by channelling the flow of water from the surface into the drainage system or subgrade. An ideal solution for pedestrian areas and where there is regular use of small wheels such as push chairs and supermarket trolleys.  » See More

Chelsea ReadyFlowTM 60

Chelsea ReadyFlow 60

Chelsea ReadyFlow 60 not only offers a traditional rustic appearance, this block is also designed to channel the flow of water from the surface into the paved construction, in turn helping the environment.  » See More

Ready-EcoFlow in Natural grey


Ready-EcoFlow is a high performance concrete permeable paving block which allows water to drain through voids filled with granular material. The system is designed to drain water in a more sustainable fashion than conventional techniques. It is suitable for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) and can also be laid by machine or hand.  » See More

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