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Ready-EcoFlow is a high performance concrete permeable paving block which allows water to drain through voids filled with granular material. The system is designed to drain water in a more sustainable fashion than conventional techniques. It is suitable for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) and can also be laid by machine or hand.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for use in Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems.
  • High performance concrete block permeable paving.
  • Manufactured in clusters of 16.67 blocks (Dunston) and 20.00 blocks (Northfleet) for machine installation.**
  • Compatible with Ready-Loc, Ready-Coloc and Kerb-Setts.
  • Available in three colours; Burnt Ember, Natural Grey and Charcoal.
  • Ready-EcoFlow provides a drainage capacity in excess of 3.5 l/m2 /sec.
  • Use a clean (2–6.3mm) aggregate to fill the drainage voids.
  • Suitable applications; commercial traffic pedestrianised areas and car parks.
  • Manufactured to BS EN 1338:2003.

** Please note the single cluster orientation varies, for further information please contact the Product Support Helpline - 0800 667 827.

Sizes Available

Ready-EcoFlow is only available in 80mm thickness.

Laying Patterns

* Stretcher and Herringbone Cluster shown using Northfleet single cluster.

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