ReadyAquawall - A Rapid Assembly Retaining Wall Solution

Introducing our fully demountable W shaped construction block wall system.  The system is extremely versatile and can be used for all manner of temporary and permanent retaining wall structures .The block can also be used as a flood wall  in a variety of situations including improving flood resilience through to emergency flood response.

A versatile retaining wall and flood wall system

ReadyAquawall is a versatile, innovative new system of interlocking precast concrete blocks, specifically designed for the rapid and simple construction of flood retaining walls. The W shaped blocks have central slots which interlock with the next course and provide a centrally pitched series of holes suitable for piling or filling as required, making this system the first ready made bore piled retaining wall of its kind.

Improve the flood resilience of your project with ReadyAquawall

This simple and ingenious system is ideal for a variety of permanent and temporary applications. ReadyAquawall is suitable for permanent structures requiring strength, such as; riverbank reinforcement, sea defense walls, flood resilience and for harbours & jetties.  It can also be used in many temporary applications like flood defense walls and traffic partitioning where there is a requirement for rapid assembly.  As well as being able to be constructed quickly the ReadyAquawall blocks are easily disassembled for storage when the requirement has passed.

This new revolutionary and rapid construction method offers you a complete solution including project management from our expert team. Starting from the first site inspection and surveys to manufacturing and final construction. We have a proven record of satisfaction on projects that are already completed for the U.K. Local Authorities and commercial enterprises. Our service is backed by fully experienced geotechnical, structural, architectural, and civil engineers, providing you with a combined range of technology that offer you the best professional expertise armed with generations of experience.


  • Flood defence walls
  • Land reclamation
  • Retaining Walls
  • River bank reinforcement
  • Canal bank reinforcement
  • River flood defence walls
  • Alternative to gabion construction
  • Sea defence walls for harbours and jetties
  • Traffic partition walls
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