Ready Wallform ICF - System Technical Data

Our standard Ready Wallform ICF System comes in four widths; 250, 313, 375 & 438mm. Each size offers differing levels of energy performance as detailed in the table below:


System Wall Width 250 313 375 438

Block Length 1000mm 1125mm 750mm 750mm


Wall panel: Moulded Expanded Polystyrene (fire resistant grade, density c.30g/l)

Bridges Moulded Expanded Polystyrene


Weight per unit, approx. 800g 1400g 1280g 1590g

Weight per unit (m2) 3200g 5170g 6820g 8000g

Weight of wall, dense concrete fill, unfinished (m2) 320kg 297kg 299kg 300kg

Weight of wall, dense concrete fill, both sides plastered (m2) 355kg 332kg 334kg 335kg

Quantity of Concrete per m2 of wall (m3) 0.132 0.121 0.121 0.121

Thermal insulation U-Value w/m2k

15mm internal plaster, 10mm proprietary render 0.30 0.19 0.14 0.11

Wall without finishes 0.30 0.19 0.14 0.11

Wall surface temperature -

Internal room temperature +20oC

Outside temperature -10oC 18.90C 19.30C 19.50C 19.60C

Outside temperature -15oC 18.70C 19.10C 19.40C 19.50C

Outside temperature + 60oC 21.50C 21.00C 20.70C 20.60C

Carbon dioxide emissions

Heat loss/m2 of wall per annum using oil central heating 7.8kg 5.1kg 3.8kg 3.0kg

Dewpoint analysis:

Theoretical max. condensation during winter 96g/m2 43g/m2 32g/m2 23g/m2

Recorded figures 0g/m2 0g/m2 0g/m2 0g/m2

Drying out in summer 561g/m2 274g/m2 249g/m2 225g/m2

Fire performance: (DIN 4102)

Wall plastered internally & proprietary render externally F30 - AB F30 - AB F30 - AB F30 - AB

Sound reduction: both sides plastered

Calculated 33dB ~42dB ~42dB ~42dB

Measured 35dB ~44dB ~44dB ~44dB

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