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CEMEX Rail Products are the largest supplier of concrete sleepers and crossing bearers to the rail industry.

CEMEX have over 20 years experience in manufacturing pre-stressed concrete sleepers and crossing bearers which are used in high speed, main-line railway track applications and railway lines.

Our purpose built factory in Washwood Heath, situated at prime trackside site, incorporates the latest state of the art production and quality control equipment and procedures. In addition our Somercotes factory which first opened in 2003 has capacity to produce 540 linear meters of bearers per day.

CEMEX Rail Products have an invaluable reputation within the sleeper market, our market knowledge and understanding of customer requirements is paramount to our success.

Committed to quality

Right from the start CEMEX Rail Products have been committed to quality – a commitment that was recognised when we received our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance accreditation. We were also awarded the distinction of becoming an Accredited Supplier as part of the British Rail Boards Supplier Development initiative, a scheme designed to improve performance by encouraging closer relations between supplier and customer – giving each the opportunity to learn from the other.

National coverage

Our factory’s strategic Midlands based, line-side position ensures that national distribution by rail is easy. We have national coverage and a proven track record with using our sidings for fast and efficient loading. If delivery by rail is not an option then the sites close proximity to the country’s main motorways enables rapid delivery by road when required.

Focussed on solutions

Our commitment to continual improvement ensures that we always work with the customer – seeking to find the best solutions to any problems faced. Whether it’s a production, quality or design improvement we welcome comment and discussion from customers. All types of sleepers and bearers can be supplied and if specialist designs are required then a suitable solution can be found.

Interoperability Certificates

5F40 Declaration of Conformity

EG47(3R) Declaration of Conformity

EG47(3R)SE Declaration of Conformity

EG47(4R) Declaration of Conformity

EG47 Declaration of Conformity

EG47GR2 Declaration of Conformity

EG49(3R) Declaration of Conformity

EG53 Declaration of Conformity

G44 Declaration of Conformity

G44SE Declaration of Conformity

G55 Declaration of Conformity

GV001 Declaration of Conformity

GV54 Declaration of Conformity



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