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Rail Tonnages Steaming Ahead Again in October

09 November 2017
October proved to be a perfect example of stepping back to see the wood for the trees in Rail.  

Nick Watson, Supply Chain Planning Analyst, took five minutes to reflect on last month’s Rail performance and was pleasantly surprised:

“When we ended the month it was great to see we delivered the largest tonnage ever in a single month. This is the third time this year we have broken individual monthly records. 

"With strong demand at the moment we are squeezing every last possible tonne out of the current capacity and are now supporting some or all of the demand for two major CEMEX Projects (Paving Solutions at Killingholme and Aggregates supply to RAF Marham). 

"We continue to grow the traffic year on year and are on course to break last year’s record tonnage again in 2017. A massive well done to the whole team for delivering an amazing result under very trying circumstances."
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