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Geologically, marine sand and gravel is similar in terms of origin and mineral composition, as many of the sands and gravels found on land.

The shape, strength and other physical characteristics are generally identical to high-quality land-based aggregates and, as such, the end uses are no different.

After processing at the delivery wharf, products such as 10/20, 4/10 and 0/4 are produced to European standards. Their main use is in the manufacture of concrete, but they are also widely used in other products including asphalt and coated products, masonry and paving blocks, drainage and fill materials.

The map below shows the location of CEMEX wharves.



CEMEX UK Marine Limited

Baltic wharf,
Elm Street,
Marine Parade,
SO14 5JF.

Telephone: +44 (0) 23 8072 0200
Fax: +44 (0) 23 8033 4528


Within each region, the location of wharves generally reflects the optimum match between the market they are serving and the location of licences with suitable resources. If required, transport between regions also takes place.

CEMEX vessels deliver internally to CEMEX wharves and also to external customers and joint ventures. Depending on specific requirements, customers wishing to source CEMEX's marine material can either contact their nearest CEMEX supplier, particularly for processed sand and gravel. Or contact CEMEX UK Marine direct, particularly for large quantities of unprocessed material.

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