Preston Brook Planners Lend-a-Hand in Runcorn
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Preston Brook Planners Lend-a-Hand in Runcorn

21 December 2017

Three of the Preston Brook Planning team have recently made a start at a sizeable lend-a-hand project at All Saints Church in Runcorn. 

The old majestic building and grounds are in need of a fair bit of attention, but the vicar identified that the iron railings on the front boundary would be a good place to start.

Phil Guest, Supply Chain Manager, commented: “Despite not ideal weather at this time of year, we were determined to make a start and then do the bulk in the spring.  Jessica Murrell and Georgia Jackson Brown joined me on the enjoyable but tricky task, despite the cold weather, and being regularly mistaken as court-induced Community Servers!”

Jess and Georgia are pictured above.

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