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Crossing Bearers

CEMEX Rail Products are the largest supplier of concrete sleepers and crossing bearers to the rail industry.

Since entering the Crossing Bearer market in 1999, CEMEX Rail Products have developed and expanded their production and process capabilities by investing in a new production facility at Somercotes, Derbyshire. This factory site is dedicated to the manufacture of top quality Crossing Bearers to suit most BS113A or CEN60E1 rail configurations utilising modern CAD/CAM technology.

Concept to Reality

From an initial CAD design, CEMEX Rail Products have the technology to transform a design concept to the reality of an operational S&C layout, quickly, cost effectively and accurately. Utilising CNC equipment, bearer details can be extracted from CAD drawings and transferred electronically into digitally controlled processes, enabling bespoke bearers to be processed within minutes of their design. This flexibility enables urgently and specially designed bearers to be processed and shipped for assembly or installation within twenty four hours of design if necessary.  CEMEX bearers can be manufactured to accommodate both BS113A and CEN60E1 rail sections in vertical or inclined S&C layouts along with any type of rail section or fastening system

Speed of Delivery

By using the CNC equipment a typical layout can be supplied at relatively short notice. Stocks of deep bearers are held at the factory in readiness to be customised to specific requirements. Concrete bearers for BS113A or CEN60E1 design with Vossloh inserts are manufactured when required to meet the bespoke Base Plate configurations.

Interoperability Certificates

5F40 Declaration of Conformity

EG47(3R) Declaration of Conformity

EG47(3R)SE Declaration of Conformity

EG47(4R) Declaration of Conformity

EG47 Declaration of Conformity

EG47GR2 Declaration of Conformity

EG49(3R) Declaration of Conformity

EG53 Declaration of Conformity

G44 Declaration of Conformity

G44SE Declaration of Conformity

G55 Declaration of Conformity

GV001 Declaration of Conformity

GV54 Declaration of Conformity

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