Planning Team Lendahand at Crick Woodlands
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Planning Team Lendahand at Crick Woodlands

06 September 2017

On 30th August, surely the wettest day of the entire month, a team of ten volunteers from UK Strategic Planning and Admin arrived in Crick to begin a day's work helping with maintenance work in the woodlands. Crick Woodlands comprises two woods: Millennium Wood and Jubilee Wood, and were established to commemorate the Millennium in 2000 and the latter to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Both woodlands are managed exclusively by local volunteers, so they are really very dependent upon goodwill and charitable donations in order to keep the project running for the benefit and enjoyment of the local community. During the day we were able to. 

  • Repair a firepit that has been provided so children from the village Primary School can experience a supervised fire during one of their visits to the woods.
  • Remove some of the weeds and thistles that have started to establish themselves and were competing with the trees they are nurturing.
  • Remove some of the suckers from the boundary hedges that continue to grow among the walking paths and trees. 

The chairman of Crick Woodlands committee was delighted with the help that we provided and wrote to CEMEX UK President Michel Andre to thank him for his generous support in providing volunteers from CEMEX UK under the Lend-A-Hand scheme "Having the resources of Hector and his team for one day has made a big difference and we achieved a lot [..] I hope this will encourage you to continue the Lend-A-Hand scheme as local projects such as ours are happy beneficiaries and I believe your employees benefit too by feeling they have contributed to a worthwhile cause and hopefully return to work re-energised!" The team on the 30th August 2017 were: Hector Tassinari, Clare Pickering, Emma Needham, Simon Whitfield, Aman Jandu, David Beck, Steve Lankfer, Graham Holmes, Kieran Kuverji, Marcus Hoddinott (Intern).

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