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CEMEX Launch Permaflow a Permeable Concrete

A new range of permeable concretes, Permaflow is launched by CEMEX UK at the UK Construction Week Show in Birmingham today.

With paved surfaces all around us, the new Permaflow range addresses the building and construction industry need for a permeable concrete product that can be used in large areas of surfacing and minimises water run-off. Surface water management, including the laying of Permaflow, can help prevent possible flash flooding and pollution of the water table, rivers etc.

Research has indicated that extreme summer rainfall may become more frequent in the UK highlighting a continued growing need for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) to be an integral part of any development. Permaflow has been designed to have a network of interconnecting voids which allow water to free-flow through the product to the level of the water table.

“SUDS technology is not new in the UK and is becoming an increasingly important part of planning policy. Our new product can play a significant role in drainage engineering, ensuring that natural ecosystems in areas are maintained. Permaflow complements our existing range of permeable paving products Readyflow™ and ReadyPave®” comments Steve Crompton (CEMEX National Technical Director)

Permaflow is available in a range of compressive strength and levels of permeability for use in surface and lower layer applications. More details


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