Permaflow - Permeable Concrete by Design

Permeable concrete technology that provides the optimal solution for surface and storm water management

Improves drainage through unique design of water management system

Permeable concrete
✓   Reduces storm water run-off
✓   Increases water infiltration to preserve
      soil natural conditions
✓   Is cost-effective - accelerating
      construction & reducing pipe sections
✓   Improves aesthetic appearance

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  • Pavements, pathways, driveways & swimming pool decks
  • Car parks and minor road strips
  • Green walls and patio areas
  • Multi use games areas


  • All the above
  • Beneath permeable blocks such as CEMEX Readyflow Suds block paving products

Durability & Maintenance

Resistance to freeze / thaw

Effectively designed water management systems incorporating Permaflow offer excellent resistance to damage caused by the ‘freeze thaw’ effect. This is achieved by the efficient movement of water through the system to lower layer management. Should water be able to settle within the Permaflow material and freeze, the open, interconnected void matrix will overcome any risk of damage from expansive forces caused by freeze thaw.


To ensure the flow characteristics of Permaflow continue to perform effectively, a regular inspection and cleaning programme should be established to prevent the void matrix becoming blocked. Light pressure washing and suction cleaning may be used. Environmental factors local to the product will determine frequency of this maintenance programme.

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Case Studies

Case Study M65 Central Reservation

CEMEX's permeable concrete product 'Permaflow' provided a solution to a tricky drainage problem on the M65...  More

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