Focusing on nutrition and well-being at Washwood Heath
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Focusing on nutrition and well-being at Washwood Heath

03 May 2017

CEMEX Rail Solutions at Washwood Heath have spent a day with a nutritionist to discuss what is best to eat and when is best to eat it. 

The nutritionist is part of the New Leaf team who have been helping the plant over the past year with health and well-being.

“We have had a few ideas for our breakfast club and have asked the guys on site if they have any thoughts on how we can improve things.”

Commented Terry Gillooly plant manager, “This continues our focus on the health and well being of all employees on site -  the nutritionist spent three hours at the start of the day with our three on-site health champions who will continue to champion health and well-being before starting hourly sessions with the team.”

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