No Horsing Around with Geoff
No Horsing Around with Geoff
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No Horsing Around with Geoff

11 May 2017

CEMEX UK recently received a tweet from a member of the public wanting to applaud the great behaviour of CEMEX independent haulage contractor Driver, Geoff Oakley, in Bressingham.

Whilst driving Geoff noticed he was approaching a horse in the roadway.  As he approached he used his knowledge and experience and slowed the truck mixer down, parked up safely and turned his vehicle off whilst the horse passed.

He does this with any horse as he has noticed that the rotating drum seems to ‘spook’ the horses as they pass him. Following his actions the member of public tweeted not just once but twice to answer one of our questions and couldn’t compliment Geoff enough for his actions.

It turns out it was a young horse being trained on the roadway and the rider really appreciated the action he took to ensure everybody remained safe.

Well done Geoff!

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