New rail service for CEMEX UK and Colas
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New rail service for CEMEX UK and Colas

03 May 2017

This week the CEMEX team at Stourton plant received their first ever Colas Rail train, which was carrying valuable  High PSV stone from Gilfach Quarry via Neath Abbey Railhead.

Nick Watson commented “We have been trying hard to get this line running and it will share services with material into Washwood Heath which is already booked for next week.

"It provides a valuable and cost effective route to market for material from Gilfach which is in high demand elsewhere in the UK and allows us to minimise the road movements to these sites. We hope to fully establish these routes over the next few weeks with Colas Rail.

"Thanks to Paul Carey for getting out of bed early on Thursday to see the train in and offload the product. The Colas staff were professional and very customer focussed which all bodes well for the future. 

"This is a great way for us to be best for customers, shareholders and the community.”

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