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New conveyor bridge will aid release of valuable sand reserves for the South East

New conveyor bridge will aid release of valuable sand reserves for the South East
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27th October 2010: A new 21.6metre bridge, part of a £1.2million project has been lifted into place over the A30 at Bramshill Quarry, Eversley, Hampshire operated by CEMEX UK, the building materials supplier.

In a rare move by a local authority, Hampshire County Council gave permission for a bridge rather than a tunnel or a roundabout to be constructed. The new access will ensure availability to valuable reserves of 1.2 million tonnes of high quality sand and gravel, vital for use in local construction projects in the South East.

"The quarry site covers over 250 hectares and is intersected by the A30. As mineral extraction to the north of the A30 has been completed and re-forestation of the area taken place, we have had to move extraction to the other side of the highway. But we still require easy access to our processing plant in the north of the site which grades and washes the sand. The bridge with conveyor is the most cost effective, sustainable and efficient solution," comments Rob Doody, Southern Regional Director.

The bridge, which weighs 12 tonnes, incorporates a conveyor belt and a walkway required for maintenance. The conveyor will transport 200 tonnes an hour of the sand and gravel 6.6metres above the highway and forms the vital link of the excavation area of the quarry with the processing plant.

The relevant section of the A30 was closed from 8pm and the crane used to lift the bridge into place parked and rigged in the middle of the road. The work scheduled was completed shortly after midnight. Overnight closure was granted on condition that the road could be re-opened at 45 minutes notice in the event that there were problems on the nearby M3 motorway.

The bridge is being installed in conjunction with a surface crossing and traffic lights on Blackbushes Road which leads onto the A30. The crossing is currently under construction and will be completed mid November.


Notes to Editors:

  • Bramshill Quarry has been worked since the early 1960s and produces approximately 150,000 tonnes of sand per annum. The company has been working with the Forestry Commission since the late 1970s to develop sustainable re-forestation following extraction. Quarrying has exploited the forestry cycle with extraction taking place in the gap between felling the mature Corsican Pine trees and re-planting the land
  • CEMEX is a global building materials company that provides high-quality products and reliable service to customers and communities in more than 50 countries throughout the world
  • In the UK, as well as ready mixed concrete, cement and aggregates, CEMEX also produces asphalt, and has a significant share of the roof tile, rail sleepers, concrete-block paving, and concrete-block segments. CEMEX has a national supply network in the UK to ensure that quality building materials are available to customers locally. For more information, see or
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