New CEMEX quarry of strategic importance for the South East market

New CEMEX quarry of strategic importance for the South East market

13 September 2016

A new CEMEX quarry at Datchet, Berkshire, adjacent to the M4, is starting to supply essential sand and gravel to construction customers and readymix concrete plants in London and the South East.

Datchet quarry will supply approximately 400,000 tonnes of material per annum and is of strategic importance in the supply chain to the region’s construction industry. With many quarries in the area now exhausted, Datchet will provide a locally sourced and more sustainable material.

For the first time in CEMEX UK’s aggregate business, the plant was supplied by CDE Gobal with the new CDE M2500 modular plant representing a significant investment of £3million.It is designed to deliver finished material of sand, 4-10mm and 10-20mm stone and consists of a triple deck Prograde Screen, a CDE Evowash sand plant, conveyors and an oversize recycle system incorporating a Metso 200 crusher.

The sand and gravel is currently being dug 800 metres from the processing facility and is transported by two field conveyors to the plant. The hopper, feeder and field conveyors have been recycled and were previously used in the operations at CEMEX’s Kingsmead quarry, which was exhausted and closed in June this year.

Three contractors were involved in constructing the plant and different aspects of the site – Fentons, RMB Contractors and Vision Construction.

Based at Datchet are nine CEMEX and 11 contractor hauliers trucks for transportation of the material. In total there are 19 employees on site.



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