In National Bike Week new CEMEX low entry cab trucks take to the road

In National Bike Week new CEMEX low entry cab trucks take to the road

16 June 2017

In National Bike Week, two new CEMEX low entry cab tippers take to London roads, helping to protect vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.

The low entry cab aggregate tippers will be part of the London fleet of 33 tippers transporting aggregates from quarries and wharves to readymix concrete plants and customers’ construction sites.

CEMEX was the first company to own and operate a low entry cab tipper in the country and invested in its first vehicle because of the unparalleled visibility, increased by up to 90% over a standard tipper, and the lower driving position which allows eye-to-eye contact with cyclists. The increased visibility with the standard safety features has done much to ensure that drivers can see cyclists and pedestrians and prevent incidents.

David Hart, UK Supply Chain Director comments “We’re delighted to be expanding the number of low entry cab vehicles in our fleet.  This type of vehicle is perfect for the urban environment with its busy roads, hence why our three low trucks are based in Greater London. However, in more rural conditions the driving position and height above the road of a standard HGV often enables the driver to see the traffic much further ahead and anticipate any problems.

“The low entry cab truck offers significant advantages in terms of ensuring vulnerable road users safety and we would like to further increase the numbers of this type of vehicle CEMEX UK operates, including in our Readymix concrete operations. However, the whole journey of the vehicles needs to be considered from the pick-up point on a CEMEX site to the delivery of the building material at the customer’s location.

“Due to the design of the low cab truck, it requires the road and access surfaces to be relatively level and in reasonable condition, not always easy on construction sites. We therefore, need the whole supply chain and the industry to be committed to enabling this type of vehicle to become the norm in the construction industry.”

The company has also invested in a new video on the Econic and its features highlighting to the audience the possible dangers around HGVs (heavy goods vehicles).  The video will be a focal point of the on-going training programme for all CEMEX drivers and in addition, it is hoped that cycling groups and organizations will use it to further educate their members. The video can be found at



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