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MPA Health & Safety Award Success

09 November 2017

Congratulations to the CEMEX UK teams who were successful in winning Health & Safety Awards from the MPA.  This year’s MPA Health & Safety Awards presentation took place last week, attended by CEMEX colleagues from around the business.

The conference and awards was aptly entitled “Mind the Gap.  Admitting the truth... addressing the realities”.

One of the speakers was Julian Fisher who has served as an operational officer in the Secret Intelligence Service (commonly known as MI6).  He commented that rules and regulations often do the job for us but the responsibility lies with us. We have to understand the threat and reduce the vulnerability to achieve our safety.

Two award winners were Rugby Cement Plant for their robotic arm in the Engineering Initiatives category (more details can be seen in this short video:, and Rail Solutions received a Special Award for their contribution to MPA Best Practice.

This year Rail entered their winch operated loading platform which saves colleagues having to stand on the buffers to guide the crane down when loading sleepers onto rail trucks (see picture, more details are in the video:

In 2016 and 2015 Rail entered a sleeper turner and strand turner, both great initiatives. Other CEMEX ‘wins’ included Individual Awards for Graham Wood and Adam Harrison both from Rugby Cement. In total there were 138 Award entries to this year’s awards.

The MPA announced that they will be championing a charity known as ‘Mates in Mind’ – for more information see  The charity aims to raise the awareness of, and addressing the stigma of poor mental health in the construction industry.

The awards CEMEX received were:

Engineering Initiatives – Rugby Cement Plant
MPA Special Award – Contribution to MPA Best Practice – Rail Solutions – Washwood Heath

Runner Up
Contractors Safety – Rugby Cement Plant

Highly Commended
Bitumen / Asphalt / Contracting – Lincoln Asphalt Plant
Contractor Safety – CEMEX UK Logistics
Engineering Initiatives - Rail Solutions Washwood Heath
Occupational Health and Wellbeing   – CEMEX UK

Certificate of Merit
Bitumen / Asphalt / Contracting - Local Asphalt Sheffield
Occupational Health and Wellbeing – Rail Solutions
Reducing Occupational Road Risk – CEMEX UK RMX

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