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25 July 2012

Major Investment at CEMEX UK's Jarrow Wharf Benefits Local Construction Projects

Leading building materials solutions provider CEMEX UK has invested over £2 million at Jarrow Wharf site on the Tyne to upgrade and install new equipment for the processing of sand and gravel, used in the construction of homes, schools, offices, hospitals and roads. This will ensure product quality and consistency for local builders and construction customers, with the new plant able to process three times the previous amount of material.

As well as building the new plant, CEMEX has modified the quay side, so that the bigger dredgers in the marine fleet are able to dock at low tide. The company has also dredged key parts of the river for easier access. A new plant that separates out the small coal particles from the sand has also been installed. This is referred to as Lignite removal and helps to create a better quality of sand for use in ready mixed concrete and building blocks.

The Jarrow site has also been rebranded to bring it into line with the corporate identity of the parent company, which consists of red and blue stripes with the blue CEMEX logotype on a white background.

At the wharf, over 500,000 tonnes of sand and gravel will now be off-loaded every year from CEMEX marine dredgers using a newly installed conveyor. The material is washed and processed before most of it is despatched to the company's seven ready mixed concrete sites in the Newcastle area to serve local markets. The Jarrow development is part of CEMEX UK's ambitious £60 million national investment programme and follows the re-shaping of operations since the company's take over of RMC Group in 2005. It is part of the company's wider aim to create a company focused on technical excellence, quality and service.


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