Leyburn and Pallett Hill Task Force Lendahand
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Leyburn and Pallett Hill Task Force Lendahand

31 August 2017

Last week a special North East task force was assembled to help out at a local nature reserve, Foxglove Covert as part of our Lendahand scheme. The reserve encompasses ~100 acres of woodland, heathland, grassland, streams and ponds, with over 2600 species of plants and animals calling it home.

Foxglove only have 2 full time staff members, and are reliant on local volunteers and donations to support and maintain their conservation efforts. Leyburn Quarry have a close relationship with the nature reserve, having worked closely with them in previous years in the construction of a standing stone monument & in the ringing and recording of rare and protected birds.

As such we were eager to return to again to help them out in whatever way we could. This time we joined with regular local volunteers to complete the less-showy but still much required work of cutting back encroaching vegetation, and pathway replacement and repairs.

These pathways are essential to the continued running of the reserve, as they allow local school groups, visitors, and staff to navigate around Foxglove without damaging or interfering with wildlife or vegetation.

The work was arduous but rewarding, with Foxglove staff commenting on how surprised and grateful they were with the amount of work that was completed in such a short period of time. Thanks to all those who took part!

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