Lending a hand to Dig a Hole
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Lending a hand to Dig a Hole

06 July 2017

Well done to the team involved with the lend-a-hand day last Friday at Southam, organised by Mark Norton. The task for the day was to break out a stretch of ground in front of the scout hut that is prone to flooding and mud ready to place CEMEX Permaflow concrete. Liz Bowden, Neil Adams and Mark Grimshaw-Smith from Supply Chain joined Mark Norton from National Commercial, and Sean and John from Southam Lab Technical team.

Mark takes up the story: “After the recent dry weather the ground was harder than expected and it was certainly a good workout. We formed two teams with one each on the mattock/bar and shovel and barrow – we soon got it done with good team work and can-do. Thanks also for everyone remembering to bring appropriate PPE for the task and looking out for each other.

CEMEX has a long history supporting 1st Long Itchington Scouts going back to the cement days at Southam, and still rents the scout hut, grounds, cricket pitch and pavilion to the scouts. This is the second lend-a-hand with them. Last year’s project of cutting a safe walkway from the hut to the cricket pitch is still looking good and is in regular use. This is definitely a good example of CEMEX Best for Communities in action. The photo shows work in progress before we got too ragged!”

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