Better Thinking


Better Thinking

Building equals progress. But not at any cost – it must be done as efficiently and responsibly as possible.

At CEMEX we believe this means challenging the accepted way of doing things and asking not why… but why not? Why can’t we positively affect social issues that really matter? We think that innovative thinking should not only benefit our customers, but also the communities in which we operate, we call it, shared value.

It’s a mind-set that continually sees CEMEX at the forefront of pioneering health and safety initiatives. Like our awardwinning Safe Cycling Campaign, which is not only changing driver behaviour and raising awareness of cycling around large goods vehicles, it’s saving lives. CEMEX has also developed energy efficient materials with enhanced thermal insulation properties that are helping to save energy and reduce running costs. And permeable concrete, asphalt and paving products that facilitate soak away, decreasing the risk of flooding in our villages, towns and cities.

As water is a commodity for which there is no substitute, CEMEX has partnered with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and firmly embedded water reduction into our business strategy.

Better thinking has also enabled us to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Climafuel is an alternative fuel made from recycled household waste that would otherwise have gone to landfill. It currently provides 65%, and rising, of our energy requirement at our UK cement operations, proving our commitment to waste reduction by helping our industry to consume around 60 times more waste products than we send to landfill.

These and other initiatives, like our innovative carbon calculator, show that at CEMEX we never stop thinking about how we can be BETTER.

Helping to build a better Great Britain

Building the Future
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