Insularis Thermal Insulation Concrete
Insularis Concrete

Insularis Insulating Concrete

Introducing Insularis, a concrete solution for energy efficient construction.


Novel concrete technologies combined with a unique product development approach that offers solutions that improve thermal insulation and acoustic performance of concrete.



A solution based on a construction system that consists of 100% ready-mix concrete designed to improve the energy efficiency of buildings: thermal insulation properties superior to conventional concrete and effective in the reduction of thermal bridges.



Contributing to important savings in energy, improving the quality of life, and creating more comfortable structures for any exterior climatic condition.


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The Benefits 

Energy savings up to 20%

Thermal bridge reduction up to 95% 

Time saving using 100% concrete solution 

Acoustic Insulator 


100% Ready-Mix Concrete

A 100% concrete solution consisting of a composite design that satisfies structural and thermal insulation performance requirements  


Compressive strength at 28 days: Insularis Xi: 25 - 35 MPa, Insularis XXi: 5 - 10 MPa. Thermal insulation performance: R-value: 2.7 m2.K / W, U-value: 0.37 W/m2.K.

Material Performance

Material Performance: Thermal Performance as a function of Wall Thickness

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Insularis Concrete


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