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Innovation Celebrated in Construction Products Industry

August 21th, 2009

Innovation Celebrated in Construction Products Industry

Building materials company, CEMEX, which is a top 20 logistics operator in the UK, has been recognised for its innovative Cycling Safety Initiative to prevent incidents, in the Construction Products Association?s 2009 edition of Construction Products Innovation and Achievement (CPIA).

Investigations undertaken by CEMEX show that there is a particular risk of incidents at road junctions, where cyclists are on the nearside of vehicles turning left. CEMEX has therefore introduced the following features on its vehicles, to improve driver visibility and safety for cyclists:

  1. A new mirror (fish / frog eye) to improve visibility to the near side (blind spot) and front of the vehicle
  2. A cyclist warning sign to the nearside rear of all of our vehicles, warning of the dangers of undertaking Large Goods Vehicles (LGV)
  3. The company is also now investing in the fitment of the proximity sensor ?side-scan? system on all new fleet. to warn the driver if anything is in the danger zone to the left side of the vehicle.
  4. CEMEX is also undertaking the fitment of side under-run bars on tippers, as extra protection for cyclists and other vulnerable road users. These have been a good anchor point for additional warning signs.

President of CEMEX UK, Gonzalo Galindo, explained: ?We are very pleased to have been included in this year?s CPIA publication. Collisions between large vehicles and cyclists can have very serious consequences, and our investigations show that there is a particular risk for incidents at road junctions and when cyclists are on the nearside of vehicles turning left. CEMEX has therefore introduced a number of new vehicle features to improve safety, including a new mirror for better nearside visibility and a cyclist warning sign. We are also investing in a proximity sensor system on all new vehicles to warn drivers of anything in the danger zone to the left of the vehicle, and fitting side under-run bars on tippers, as extra protection for cyclists and other vulnerable road users. We hope that this will make life safer for cyclists and other people on the road. It is important that our industry recognises and showcases innovation, and we are grateful that CPIA 2009 does this.?

The Cycling Safety Initiative?s achievement in the category of Health, Safety & Security, is one of only 24 products and initiatives nationwide, to be chosen for this year?s publication, which annually showcases the most innovative products and processes created by the construction products industry during the last twelve months or so.

Commenting on the achievement, Simon Storer, Communications and External Affairs Director, for the Construction Products Association said: ?We are delighted that the construction products industry has once again shown an enormous desire to introduce a variety of new and exciting solutions. Despite the economic downturn in the UK, and the construction industry suffering more than most, you only need look at the products and processes showcased in CPIA to highlight the huge input the industry is making towards change.

The industry is not always been good at trumpeting its own achievements. However, CPIA demonstrates how the construction products industry is continuously developing and improving by creating innovative solutions which make a significant impact to all aspects of construction?.

The 24 entries in CPIA are under four key headings; Energy and Carbon Saving; Health, Safety and Security; Improvements in Site Safety; and Resource Efficiency. By delivering these efficiencies, these new ideas bring a range of benefits to everyone including clients and end users, company employees and especially the environment we live in.

The products featured in the publication cover a wide range and include processes designed to save energy and reduce emissions, providing safer operations on site for employees and contractors and provide a full sustainability appraisal of manufacturing operations. This creative and innovative approach is not confined just to a select few in one or two sectors, but can be seen as a key driver for an industry that is continuously improving and constantly changing.


Notes to editors:
The Construction Products Association represents the UK?s manufacturers and suppliers of construction products, components and fittings. The Association acts as the voice of the construction products sector, representing the industry-wide view of its members. The sector has an annual turnover of £40 billion and accounts for 40% of total construction output.

CEMEX is a global building materials company and leading supplier of cement, ready-mixed concrete and aggregates. In the UK, CEMEX also has a significant share of the asphalt, concrete block and mortar markets. The company has a national supply network in the UK to ensure that quality building materials is available to customers locally. For more information, see or

For further information contact:

Simon Storer - Communications and External Affairs Director
Construction Products Association
Tel : 020 7323 3770
Fax : 020 7323 0307
Mobile : 0770 286 2257
E-mail :

Marit Meyer-Bell - Communications & Public Affairs Director
Tel. 0786 7653392

Copies of the publication are available from the Association, please contact

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