Grangemouth team Lendahand on Kinneil Bike Trails
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12 April 2017

On the 6th April our team from Grangemouth plant carried out a Lend A Hand day on behalf of Kinneil Bike Trails, which is run by White Lady Mountain Biking.

The group asked us how we could help supply concrete on their trails and we thought this would be a great way to Lend A Hand. The group's aim is to create a cycle way in Boness country park which will allow children of all ages a safe area to learn new skills in an off road area.

We helped by creating concrete plugs to be inserted into the ground. These are like pile caps and the ramps will be attached onto the concrete plugs. The plugs give a better base that will allow minimal movement once the course is opened.

Our concrete was shovelled and compacted and floated off into the moulds. At a later date CEMEX will be involved with the installations on site once the concrete has reached its strength.

Well done Team Grangemouth.

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