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Providing high quality fly ash to the ready mix and construction industries, we serve the industry from a network of distribution facilities across the country. With an emphasis on quality control and customer service, CEMEX is well positioned to meet your needs.


(BS EN 450 - 1 Fineness Category S; LOI Category B)

Controlled fineness fly ash used as a Type II cement addition adding extensive concrete benefits including improved water / binder ratio (compared to Portland cement concretes of the same workability), reduced permeability, low chloride ingress, improved rheology and sulfate resistance. Used for ready mixed and site mixed concrete. Click here to read more about Declarations of Performance and CE Marking.

CEMEX 450 N 

(BS EN 450 - 1 Fineness Category N; LOI Category B)

A type II cement addition but with a greater fineness range than Part I ash. EN 450 fly ash still confers extensive concrete benefits, including reduced permeability, low chloride ingress and sulfate resistance. Click here to read more about Declarations of Performance and CE Marking.

Run of station PFA (ROS)

(Dry PFA)

A dry, unselected and unprocessed ash. ROS is cost-effective for use in aerated blocks, as a fine fill aggregate for paving / kerbs and other forms of blocks.

Conditioned PFA

Suitable for site mixed grouting and as a cost effective fill material when supplied at its optimum moisture content.

Dry fine aggregate

A controlled and tested coarse ash product used in the manufacture of bricks and blocks.

Furnace bottom ash

A lightweight aggregate used in the manufacture of lightweight blocks and other specialist applications such as ground coverage for equestrian use.

Declared performance and CE marking

CEMEX 450-S and 450-N fly ash products conforming to the harmonised European standard, BS EN 450-1, are subject to rigorous third party certification procedures by an EU Notified Body, in accordance with assessment and verification of constancy of performance (AVCP) system 1+.

Declarations of Performance in respect of essential characteristics, are available from our UK website (

The CE marking is affixed to packaging and/or despatch documents as required by the Construction Products Regulation.

Certification scheme features

  • Independent confirmation that products comply fully with technical specification.
  • Independent audit testing of products by UKAS accredited laboratories.
  • Independent evaluation of test data and appraisal of factory production control.
  • Traceability of fly ash deliveries to the manufacturing works.
  • Most rigorous AVCP system (1+) specified in the Construction Products Regulation
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