Flood Defence Solutions

Flooding and Sea Defence Solutions

CEMEX offer a wide range products suitable for flooding and sea defence solutions.

CEMEX have extensive experience in flood prevention both in emergency response situations as well as planned upgrades and developments.

In Winter 2013/14, the UK faced some of the worst flooding on record, due to the exceptional sequence of storms battering the country, during which CEMEX provided an emergency response service repairing breached sea and river defences.

CEMEX have been involved in various hard engineering schemes using our materials to deflect waveenergy in sea defences or prevent erosion in river banks and against structures.

Coastal erosion is a persistent and growing problem as sea levels continue to rise.  In conjunction with hard engineering, beach replenishment is also an effective solution to maintain coastlines and dissipate wave energy.

This can require the introduction of large quantities of marine sand and/or gravel, making delivery by ship the ideal solution.  The material can be discharged directly onto the beach from a dredger, often through a floating or submerged pipeline.

CEMEX Marine have a wealth of experience and are ideally placed to supply marine sand and gravel to major beach replenishment contracts throughout the UK.

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