Five Lend-A-Hand At Monks Kirby Church Graveyard
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Five Lend-A-Hand At Monks Kirby Church Graveyard

Lucy Birch, Customer Service Manager for Readymix, reports that on 6th February five members of the RMX Customer Service Centre joined a local team of volunteers at Monks Kirby Church who are trying to tidy up their churchyard.

Dale Marson, Matt Wells, Jason Warren, Kyle Gibson and Lewis McCance spent the day clearing graves; lining them and then covering them with gravel with some intensive weed removal going on.

This was hard work - the pictures show the amount of work involved in clearing the area - they managed to clear, line and prepare 32 graves in total - so a great achievement and much appreciated by the church community.

Everyone involved commented on what a great team the local volunteers are and what a huge job they have ahead of them. They are looking for more help with a few projects so if anyone is interested in a Lend-a-Hand opportunity please contact Lucy Birch via your Line Manager.

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