Fibre Reinforced Concrete

CEMEX has a  range of fibre reinforced ready-mix concretes including Polypropylene Fibres, Advanced Polypropylene Fibre, and Steel Fibres .

Why add fibres to your concrete?

Add strength to your concrete by adding fibres. By adding polypropylene fibres to your mix you will enhance the concrete or screed mix and obtain the following additional features and benefits:

  • No need for crack control wire mesh (therefore material and labour costs reduced)
  • Reduced plastic cracking
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Enhanced surface finish
  • Longer lasting concrete
  • Improved durability & reduced permeability


Polypropylene fibre concrete

Polypropylene fibre concrete contains thousands of individual fibres which are evenly dispersed throughout the concrete during the mixing process, this creates a matrix-like structure that provides additional benefits to concrete such as long-term durability and toughness.


  • Domestic
  • Agricultural
  • Light Commercial

Download the Polypropylene fibre datasheet


Advanced Polypropylene fibre concrete

Advanced Polypropylene Fibre Concrete is a pioneering combination of fine and coarse monofilament polypropylene fibres which takes concrete to a new level of performance. The introduction of these fibres result in increased toughness and ductility of hardened concrete.


  • Internal floors, external hardstandings and car parks
  • Industrial floors and airports
  • Bridges and other infrastructure

Download the Advanced Polypropylene fibre datasheet


Steel fibre concrete

Steel fibre concrete utilises steel fibres designed to provide ultimate performance under intense loading conditions. This fibre system provides superior resistance to cracking in hardened state concrete, as well as maximum resistance to damage from heavy impact.


  • Industrial floors
  • Concrete structures
  • External hardstandings

Download the Polypropylene fibre datasheet
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