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CEMEX Mortar is available in ready to use or dry silo options providing the perfect solution for every situation. Our experts can advise on conformity to standards as well as strengths, colour and working with different brick and block options.

At our centrally based research and development centre the team can support you further with special mix designs, durability and colour specification.  With a complete range of mortar products in our portfolio we are able to fulfil all your mortar requirements. CEMEX can advise impartially on the most appropriate solution for your needs. In many cases this means combining ready to use and dry silo on the same project.

All CEMEX Mortars conform to British and European standards and are factory produced for consistency and reliability.  Provided at the bottom of this section a range of expert advice and fact sheets for you to download.

Dry silo

  • On larger sites with no space or access issues, dry silo mortar provides excellent scale economies
  • On smaller and medium sized projects where flexibility of supply is often demanded,ready-to-use is the natural choice
Small to

Build Cycle
  • Often at the start of builds, sites are often not adequately serviced, making silos difficult, but ready-to-use ideal
  • During the major build phase, where appropriate, dry silo mortar can provide an extremely productive site working environment
  • At the end of a build, with space often at a premium, again ready-to-use is the ideal alternative
Start and
end of

  • In the inner-city, where space is a precious commodity and site access is often difficult, ready-to-use is advisable
  • On sites where site access is not an issue, dry silo mortar can be advantageous
and easy
site access
Urban and
site access

Above and below the DPC
  • Below the damp proof course (DPC) with limited volumes, ready-to-use mortar provides the ideal solution for the ground-works contractor
  • Above the damp proof course (DPC), where conditions merit and volumes are typically more extensive, dry silo mortar is worth consideration
the DPC
the DPC
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