Environmental Charge

Our Environmental Charge is for green taxes and levies imposed on our industry for which CEMEX cannot absorb all the costs.

As part of our transparent approach to pricing our Environmental Charge enables customers to see the environmental taxes and levies to which the readymix concrete industry is subject.

The Environmental Charge is applied to recover these costs imposed where CEMEX cannot absorb all of the cost and has no alternative but to pass them on to customers.

The Environmental Charge is made up of a number of UK and European components. The charge will increase or decrease in-line with current costs. The charge will be subject to review quarterly and will take into account for all factors.

Updated details of the Environmental Charge will be published on this page on a regular basis. The charge will apply to all readymix sales from the effective date and will show as a separate line at the bottom of invoices.

Environment Charge: £0.45 per m3

Effective Date: 1st January 2016

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