eco plus long life enhance workability asphalt
eco plus long life enhance workability asphalt

Eco Plus - Enhanced Workability Asphalt

CEMEX’s Eco+ Asphalt range utilises the latest cutting edge technology, to produce an asphalt product with the ultimate workability and compaction allowing its users to continue working in the more challenging conditions.

Extended haulage times; unforeseen delays; change in schedules; deteriorating weather and increased waste are just some of the everyday issues that our customers face.



✓   Extended Haulage
✓   Improved Compaction
✓   Better Workability
✓   Greater Productivity
✓   Reduced Waste
✓   Thicker Paving Lifts

Eco+ is a solution that will allow asphalt material to travel over extended periods and distances, allowing multiple drop off points with a product that is not compromised on performance. Also ideal for small scale projects where hand lay is the preferred installation method.

Eco+ asphalt enables you to work in lower ambient temperatures such as night work or in winter months with no impact on the workability of the product.

If you are not already sold, our Eco+ range also provides an increased durability through improved compaction, resulting in a better surface finish and reduced on-site wastage.

Eco+ is available all year round and in a full range of Asphalt Concrete, Stone Mastic Asphalt, Hot Rolled Asphalt and our own premium range of VIA products.

This includes both standard and poly modified bitumen products. Why not tap into our wealth of experience and expertise! CEMEX technical department are always on hand to discuss specific requirements with you.

All of our asphalts conform to the latest European standards and are designed for consistency and reliability. Our experts can advise on conformity to standards as well as specific applications. For more information on this industry leading product please call our sales team on 0845 155 6367
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  • Extended haulage distances/Storage time
  • Improved compaction resulting in increased durability
  • Better workability for hand laid work
  • More workable in low ambient temperatures
  • Greater productivity in changing site environment
  • Reduced waste at joints due to better compaction
  • Allows thicker lift paving
Available all year round in most mix types including PMB
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