eco asphalt low temperature
eco asphalt low temperature

Eco - Low Temperature Asphalt

CEMEX’s Eco range of low temperature asphalt is designed to produce faster construction times, reduce road maintenance costs with the added benefit of a carbon foot print reduction.

Eco Asphalt’s lower temperature allows re-opening of a road more quickly after completion of road works, as the asphalt reaches appropriate trafficking temperatures faster than conventional hot mix asphalt.



✓   Faster Cooling
✓   Early Trafficking
✓   Improved Durability
✓   Faster Overlay
✓   Improved Safety
✓   Environmentally Friendly

Users of Eco Asphalt can expect an improvement in productivity, as more material can be installed during restricted working windows. Utilising a specially formulated bitumen additive, Eco Asphalt is manufactured at up to 40ºc lower than standard asphalt mixes with no compromise in performance.

The lower temperature of the manufacturing process can also help to improve the long term performance and durability of the asphalt, as high temperatures in conventional mixes can have adverse effects to the ageing properties of the binder. Reduced temperatures also offer additional safety and environmental benefits which include a reduced risk of burns and lower odours, making a more pleasant working environment for both workers and neighbours to the construction site.

Our Eco Asphalt range significantly lowers the overall carbon footprint when compared to hot mix asphalt equivalents. A reduction in fuel use during the manufacturing process makes this type of material a much more sustainable option for road owners.

Eco Asphalt is available all year round, in a full range of: Asphalt Concrete; Stone Mastic Asphalt; Hot Rolled Asphalt (only where pre coated chippings are not required); and our own premium range of VIA products. This includes both standard and poly modified bitumen products. Eco Asphalt is manufactured in accordance with the Published Project Report (PPR) 666 Specification for low temperature asphalt mixtures.

All of our asphalts conform to the latest European standards and are designed for consistency and reliability. Our experts can advise on conformity to standards as well as specific applications. For more information on this industry leading product please call our sales team on 0845 155 6367
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  • Faster cooling resulting in earlier opening times
  • Faster overlay of lower layers
  • Improved long term durability
  • Improved safety (less risk of burns and lower fumes/steam)
  • Significant reduction in CO2
Available all year round in most mix types including PMB
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