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"Dust off" at CEMEX South Ferriby cement plant

 18th April 2012: CEMEX UK, building materials supplier, has invested in a new dust abatement plant, known as an electrostatic precipitator for one of its two cement kilns at South Ferriby, Lincolnshire. The state-of-the-art precipitator will significantly cut the emissions of dust by 90%.

The precipitator represents an investment of £3.8million and is a bespoke system manufactured in the UK. It works by extracting dust from gases produced in the cement kiln and has been installed on the plant's exhaust duct to provide a physical barrier to the dust as it passes from the kiln to the chimney.

Static electricity is generated in the precipitator and gives the dust particles a negative charge. The dust particles pass through positively charged conducting plates to which they are attracted to form a layer. The positive plates are then gently rapped so that the collected dust falls to the bottom of the main hoppers from where it is transported to the dust handling plant for reuse.

The enhanced reduction in dust at the plant and increase in the use of alternative fuels to traditional fossil fuels burnt in the kiln combine to help make cement production more sustainable. Over a three day period in March 2011 the plant set a new record of using 100% alternative fuels.

The alternative fuels used at South Ferriby are Secondary Liquid Fuels (SLF) made from industrial liquid wastes that cannot be recycled and Climafuel, made from domestic, commercial and industrial waste that would otherwise typically go to landfill.

Plant Director, Philip Baynes-Clarke, comments "The investment in the new precipitator is an important milestone for South Ferriby Cement Plant and helps ensure the production of cement in the most environmentally- friend way. I am pleased to report that this state of the art unit was successfully commissioned in early March and is performing especially well."


Notes to editors:

  • For further information and photographs of the South Ferriby plant contact Elizabeth Young, e. t. 01932 583214
  • South Ferriby plant has nearly 80 year long history of producing cement. It produces approximately 800,000 tonnes per annum (enough for use in the construction of 44,000 houses). It provides direct employment for 150 people, supporting many more jobs indirectly
  • CEMEX is a global building solutions company and leading supplier of cement, ready-mixed concrete and aggregates. In the UK, CEMEX also produces asphalt, and has a significant share of the concrete-block paving, and concrete block sectors. Additionally, the company is the leading supplier of concrete sleepers to the rail industry and a supplier of PFA cement additives. CEMEX has a national supply network in the UK with over 360 locations, to ensure that quality building materials are available to customers locally. For more information, see,


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