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Dry Silo Mortar

CEMEX dry silo mortar provides an innovative and efficient solution to mortar delivery, particularly to larger sites. With one of the largest available tanker fleets in the country, we can offer a first class replenishment service

The dedicated CEMEX dry silo team can support with silo placement and specification. There is no need for mixing areas on site as all the material is contained in the silo. The guaranteed colour, consistency and controlled workability are backed up by CEMEX‚ÄôS excellent training and support.  All our operatives are fully trained, including health and safety advice, meaning that site personnel have complete control over the consistency and workability of every batch.

Dry silo mortar combines all the benefits of factory produced mortar, such as consistent quality and colour, with technology to provide a convenient, highly efficient solution to your mortar requirements. Available in different strengths and colour options, all fully supported by the CEMEX team, dry silo mortar meets your needs.

The table below relates the mix designations, given in the withdrawn BS 4721, to the European description equivalent.

 Old Mortar
 Nominal Proportions by VolumeCompressive
Strength 28 Days
BS 5628 BS EN998-2


not less than N/mm2
 1:3  1:1:1-3 12.0
 ii M6 1:3-4 1:1:4-5 6.0
 iii M4  1:5-6 1:1:5-6 4.0
 iv M2  1:7-8  1:2:8-9 2.0


CEMEX Dry Silo Mortar systems have a number of advantages over traditional site mixed mortar.

  • Guaranteed strength
  • Guaranteed cement content
  • Controlled air content
  • Consistent colour
  • Increased site productivity

Colourful solutions

Where a coloured mortar is specified the control and accuracy of the pigment addition and mixing process ensures consistent dispersion throughout the mix. CEMEX Dry Silo Mortar is available in a wide range of colours to meet specific design requirements.

Durability and resistance

CEMEX Dry Silo Mortar is also extremely durable due to the controlled method of manufacture and the type and quality of the constituent materials used. The entrainment of controlled amounts of air makes the mortar less susceptible to frost attack. The admixture used is chloride-free and therefore not aggressive towards embedded metallic objects. Factory produced mortars exhibit superior resistance to rain penetration and therefore make a significant contribution to the durability of masonry.


CEMEX Dry Silo Mortar when blended with water offers excellent workability without an excessive air content, the inclusion of which can weaken the bond and flexural strength.


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