CEMEX Conservation Book 2011

The 19th edition of the CEMEX Conservation Book Series, “Oceans: Heart of Our Blue Planet”, published in partnership with the International League of Conservation Photographers and Conservation International, is dedicated to raising awareness about the critical importance of our planet's marine ecosystems.

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The abundance of water on the Earth's surface is an exceptional feature that distinguishes our "Blue Planet" from others. Beyond the species that inhabit them, the oceans are essential to all living organisms on Earth. Thanks to the oceans, clouds and rainfall are produced, allowing vital water to reach all terrestrial ecosystems and human communities.

Therefore, CEMEX has dedicated the 19th edition of its Conservation Book Series, entitled “Oceans: Heart of Our Blue Planet”, to raising awareness of the critical importance of our planet's marine ecosystems. Together with the printed publication, we’ve released the first electronic edition of this lavishly illustrated book. We aim to reach broad audiences to inspire actions that help maintain healthy oceans.

We sincerely hope this book will inspire actions that help maintain healthy oceans for the sustainability of our planet and society.

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