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 Readymix Foundation 


Readymix Foundation is a versatile, economical and durable concrete designed specifically for foundations and groundwork. Bricklaying and block work can usually begin just 24 hours after placing.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily placed and economical
  • Can be specified to meet aggressive ground conditions
  • Enhanced workability

  Download the Readymix Foundation datasheet

 Readymix Paving 


Readymix Paving is an economical and durable, high quality concrete and is ideal for outdoor paved areas such as driveways, paths, patios, carports and pavements.

Features and Benefits

  • Durable, with minimal maintenance
  • Air-entrained for enhanced workability
  • Extremely easy to place and economical
  • Resists freeze/thaw damage in winter

  Download the Readymix Paving datasheet

 Readymix Flooring 


Readymix Flooring is a market leading concrete designed for stability and durability in domestic flooring, oversites, bases, and garage floors. Readymix Flooring is available for two specific flooring standards – Readymix Flooring (U) for unreinforced floors and Readymix Flooring (R) for reinforced steel flooring applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily placed and reliable
  • Used as a durable direct floor finish, or as a substrate for a screed
  • Offers excellent surface finish characteristics

  Download the Readymix Flooring datasheet

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