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Readymix Concrete Solutions

Welcome to CEMEX Readymix and CEMEX Mortars - market leaders in concrete, mortar and screed solutions.

With an unrivalled history of product development, reliability and technical expertise all products are specifically designed for a wide range of applications including, house building, industrial, commercial and agricultural applications. All products comply with accredited quality assurance schemes and meet the relevant British and/or European standards.

Value Adding Concrete Products

Foamed concrete


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Rapid hardening concrete


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High Performance Concrete


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Advanced Fibre Concrete


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Waterproof Concrete

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Self Compacting Concrete


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Spray Applied Concrete

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Permeable concrete


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About Concrete

Concrete is a composite consisting of the following main constituents: cement, aggregates, water, and admixtures.  It is a material that can be cast into different shapes, is durable, is the most attractive construction material in terms of compressive strength (construction material with highest strength per unit cost), and its increasing use is fundamental for sustainable construction. Learn more about how readymix concrete is manufactured by viewing our animated process.

Concrete By DesignTM

CEMEX does not “simply manufacture concrete”, but develops solutions based on the thorough knowledge and application of concrete technology. Leveraging years of experience, a worldwide pool of knowledge, and state-of-the-art expertise about the different concrete constituents and their interaction, CEMEX offers its customers “concrete by designTM”—tailor-designed concrete.

CEMEX concrete technologists are able to modify the properties of concrete through the use of innovative chemical admixtures, combined with the proper proportions of the various concrete constituents. For example, depending on the type of application and jobsite requirements, we can design concrete that is more fluid, stronger, develops strength faster, and also retains workability longer.

Through the development of chemical admixtures solutions, researchers at CEMEX’s Global Center for Technology and Innovation design special concretes that fulfill the construction industry’s increasingly demanding performance requirements. CEMEX offers a special concrete portfolio, comprised of such products as ultra rapid hardening concrete, crack-resistant/low shrinkage concrete, self-consolidating concrete (SCC), architectural concrete, pervious concrete, and a number of others.

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Case Studies
Case Study Lee Tunnel London Infrastructure

When a large scale engineering project in East London required the dedicated service and expertise of a leading construction materials partner - CEMEX rose to the challenge...  More

Case Study M65 Central Reservation

CEMEX's permeable concrete product 'Permaflow' provided a solution to a tricky drainage problem on the M65...  More

Case Study Milton Court Slipform

CEMEX were approached to supply the prestigious Milton Court in London. Comprising 36 floors housing luxury apartments and an annexe to the Guildhall School of Music...  More

Case Study Offshore Windfarm

Years of technical experience enabled CEMEX to deliver a range of High Density concrete mixes to be used in the production of pre-cast concrete mats for use under the sea.  More

Case Study Shetland Gas Plant Site Batch

When a demanding project in one of the most isolated parts of the United Kingdom presented itself, CEMEX were able to rise to the challenge...  More

Case Study Walkie Talkie London

When the new ‘Walkie Talkie’ building in Central London was built, it's design caused quite a stir...  More

Benefits of Roller Compacted Concrete

In terms of construction costs, RCC is typically equal to or as much as 20% lower than asphalt, depending on the project. Additionally, the life cycle costs of RCC when compared to asphalt are about 30% lower.  View

Cementitious Solutions

Learn about how our CEM-Pave products can provide cost effective solutions for road building and infrastructure projects.  View


Learn about our history, how our operations make an impact on the world today and the direction we are taking for the future.  View

Promptis - Rapid Hardening Concrete

Promptis® is CEMEX's cutting-edge fast formwork removal concrete that in four hours reaches a level of compressive strength equivalent to normal concrete only after 18 hours.  View

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