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CEMEX offer a complete range of technically advanced concrete designs


Cement Blends

Replacing a percentage of the cement with Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag (GGBS) or Fly Ash produces a significantly less permeable concrete with improved resistance to aggressive conditions as well as improved handling and placing.environment..


  • Marine structures
  • Large civil engineering projects
  • Floor slabs and large pours
  • Structures liable to chloride attack

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Water Reducing Admixtures (WRA’s)

Admixtures are materials added to concrete during the mixing process to modify its properties in the fresh and hardened state. The addition of a WRA (also called plasticiser) produces a stronger and more durable concrete without the need for high cement contents.


  • Direct finish floor-slabs for commercial use
  • High quality formwork finishes
  • Water resistant concrete
  • Pouring of footings and congested areas e.g. walls, columns etc


High Range Water Reducing Admixtures (HRWR’s)

HRWRA’s (also called Superplasticisers) are used to produce concretes with a high consistence without the need for additional water, they are also used for the production of high strength concrete.


  • Heavily reinforced sections
  • Deep sections where normal compaction is difficult
  • High quality formwork finishes
  • High Strength Concrete


Air Entraining Agents (AEA’s)

These admixtures produce evenly distributed minute air bubbles throughout the concrete to give a durable concrete resistant to freeze/thaw damage


  • Paths, yards, drives and concrete roads
  • Most other external ground-slabs and paved areas


Foaming Agents

These products are used to generate high volumes of air in a mix, typically 15% to 25% although up to 70% is attainable using a preformed foam. The resulting concrete has a relatively low strength but is extremely fluid.


  • Reinstatement of road openings (trenches)
  • Filling redundant sewers, cellars and other voids
  • Filling disused fuel tanks
  • Insulation concrete

  Download the Foamed Concrete datasheet



CEMEX Readymix offer specially designed mixes suitable for pumping, the height and length to be reached should be specified to the pump hire company as this will determine the size of pump to be supplied.


  • Hi-Rise
  • Restricted areas or over long distance
  • High Strength fluid concretes



Metakaolin and microsilica concretes provide considerably enhanced performance characteristics, including improved durability and strength as well as greater mix stability


  • High strength concrete
  • High abrasion resistant floors
  • Repair work

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